Return of the Student


Hey! I'm back from my digital hiatus, and I've been busy. I have some news. This Fall.. I'll be going back to school! Since San Francisco approved tuition-free community college, starting this Fall semester, I'll be able to attend college and get my edumacation on! Without destroying my financial life with student debt :D !


 At 25 years old, soon 26, it's an interesting feeling to be going back to school. I'm aware that I'm still young, but I've been out of school for what feels like forever, and it'll be strange to be around your "typical" freshmen. And I'm tackling being a full-time student while working 30+ hours a week. I'm sure I'll find some folks who are in similar boats as me, though. 

This will be an interesting adventure for sure. At times like this I'm so grateful for the support of my significant other, Shane. It's so ideal to have a support system to help you through high pressure times, no matter how big or small. 

Let's do this!


See ya soon,

Sonia 🖤