Hello! I'm sonia!

I'm a 27 year old illustrator and designer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love problem solving, have a strong desire to constantly learn and I love applying my creative abilities whenever I can to help my team overcome the challenge at hand.

Some of my skills and points of interest include:

Proficiency in Adobe Suite Products;
• Photoshop (Expert), Illustrator (Intermediate), InDesign (Basic), Premiere (Basic)

• Basic HTML/CSS skills

• Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office and Google Docs/Sheets software

• Strong verbal, written and visual communication skills

• Foundational art skills; sketching, illustrating, color, value and composition

• Common sense thinking, natural curiosity and eagerness to learn

My personal hobbies include drawing, playing video games and watching, then over-analyzing, films.


Please feel free to contact me any time about working together or commissions at : soniapaints@gmail.com