Art, Water + Convergence

This week I've sketched some fun things in my Moleskine. Not as much painting as I'd like, but some fun doodles nonetheless!

Over the course of the last few weeks, along with trying to sketch every day, I've been trying to consume enough water every day. I've noticed that my productivity started to fall the last few days - and I realized I had stopped keeping track of my water intake and was surely dehydrated. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a relationship here.. Lesson learned.. Drink your water!

Moving on -  this Saturday, April 9th, was the opening of Convergence! This was a very energetic gallery opening, with so many folks coming out in support of the Journal Building Artists.


This week I'm going to be focusing on staying consistent with posting my work on social media, continue writing a story I'm working on (more on that in the future!), and finishing my TAXES ;__; ! DUN DUN DUN!

Wish me luck!

See ya around the interwebs!