Paul Madonna's 40ft Mural in the Salesforce Transit Center

Here is a recap of the Paul Madonna mural Shane Izykowski and I painted at the brand new Salesforce Transit Center in downtown San Francisco.

"ArtSpan partnered with LPC West Transit Management LLC and the Transbay Joint Powers Authority to highlight and support the local artist community in San Francisco. 38 ArtSpan Artists and their teams were selected to paint murals covering 10,052 square feet of the ground level retail storefront windows at the new Salesforce Transit Center."


Pictured here is the mural design that artist Shane Izykowski and myself painted. The design belongs to artist Paul Madonna, and it is based off of an original drawing from his All Over Coffee series.

 Pictured: Shane Izykowski, Paul Madonna, Sonia Leticia

Pictured: Shane Izykowski, Paul Madonna, Sonia Leticia

The mural is almost 40 feet long and 7 feet tall. It took approximately 60 hours to complete (or 120 hours of combined labor), and in the video at the top of this post you can see a timelapse of the whole process condensed into about 10 minutes.


This project presented the challenge of translating another artists art into a very large scale version, and in a completely different medium. Throughout the process Shane and I had to discuss what would be simplified and what would be kept true to the drawing. Time was a major factor, and we pushed it to the absolute limit.

After the wall was taped and primed I did a lot of the initial drawing with pencil, and then helped block in values and colors. I did a lot of the work in the deck/stairway area, and tried my best to visually represent the details and layers of the wood paneling and objects. One of the most important elements of the mural, the words, "PLEASE TELL ME THINGS", I measured and painted in. I also drew in the sneakers hanging on the power lines on the left. After those major elements, I assisted in general clean up and detail work. Shane did all of the color mixing and color choices, and a ton of painting. He also painted in almost the entirety of the thin black lines that outline everything in the piece, including measuring and painting in all the horizontal lines on the buildings. It was truly a collaborative effort all around and we pulled this off as a team.


With the time we had to work on this piece, we are very pleased with the outcome, and are happy that Paul gave his seal of approval as well. We've seen the public interact with the mural, taking pictures and selfies, and seeing that level of community engagement has made it feel like a huge success! Shane and I are looking forward to more mural projects in our future!