Happy New Year! <3

2016 has come and gone, and I've been taking the time to reflect on what I've learned, what I've accomplished and where I fell short.

One of the biggest gamechangers for me this year was moving to a great new apartment in the Japantown district in San Francisco. Having a much more pleasing home environment has made all the difference. I actually look forward to going home, and feel like I can be more productive in this space.

I got to work on some cool projects, like helping design and paint a huge stage at the Kinetic Arts Center in Oakland. I also did a lot of work with youth this year for Youth Open Studios in SF. Working with kids taught me SO much!

I got to enjoy more of what this city has to offer and saw some great shows at really cool venues. (My favorite show was Die Antwoord! :D )

I did fall short on creating as much artwork as I'd like to, and executing and following through with creating is absolutely my biggest priority in the new year.

In 2017 I'm going to focus on my strengths. I have some challenges ahead, as we all do, but I hope to put my head down, push past them and get some real work done. I truly feel disappointed in myself at the lack of artwork I've created so far in my life, and that needs to change.

Through this first week of 2017 I've been brainstorming my goals, making realistic to high expectations with actionable steps to follow through on.

One of these goals is to write a blog post a week, so.. so far so good! :)

Here's to 2017, I wish you all well <3

See you,