Hello! I'm sonia!

I'm currently a student at City College of San Francisco, working on completing their Video Game Development program. I am aiming towards a position as a Concept or Visual Development Artist in the entertainment industry, with a lean towards video games.

A little extra:

Sonia Leticia was born in New Jersey, and raised in the deep woods of northeastern Pennsylvania. Her first inspirations came from Pokémon cards, video games, Disney movies and the beauty and mystery of the Pennsylvania forests. She started drawing as soon as she could hold a pencil and never put it back down. After graduating high school Sonia "frankensteined" together an art education of internet tutorials, books from the public library, artist workshops and a lot of self discipline. She is currently developing her skills at City College of San Francisco and through continued studies to find her place as an artist in the entertainment industry. 



Please, feel free to contact me any time about my work or commissions at : soniapaints@gmail.com

Also use the social media buttons on the bottom of this page to connect with me via your favorite social media platform!